After typing in a certain word, what appears is an endless series of imagery. 
More specifically, it is what Google has assumed to be the most accurate representation of the phrase one is in search for. Brought together, cut into pieces and layered up, the images are left contextless, reduced to their pixel-currency. Without their initial meaning, juxtaposed against each other they explore visual tendencies, while standing as a representation of online culture's vocabulary. 
"In search for" is a project driven solely by curiosity. While reflecting on cultural stereotypes, it explores the relationship between compartmentalisation of abstract concepts and assigning words with their meanings. It is an analysis of current internet culture with emphasis on visual representation. 

in search for: beauty

in search for: man

in search for: woman

in search for: life

in search for: death

in search for: love

in search for: fear

in search for: hate

in search for: human

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