In autumn 2018, on one of Glaswegian 'sunny' days, Linnea Wästfelt and I sat down for a coffee. After we covered the topics of everyday excitement, we discussed our wants and fears while agreeing on the need to participate in social progress. We both felt that focusing exclusively on our personal practises was not enough. And right there, in between sips Vava was born.
rosa hackett 'dancers', photo by olga mrozek
What we came up with that day was a curatorial initiative with the purpose of promoting diversity and inclusion through art. After long deliberations we decided to dedicate our first project to the topic of femininity and see where it takes us. By inviting everyone to participate, having no entry fees or requirements we created an open call.  We trusted that accepting applications in all forms, from all backgrounds will allow us to curate an exhibition with the largest variety of works, embracing many previously unheard voices. Four months later, clash vol.1 opened its doors to public. 
illustration by olga mrozek
15th March - 23 March, 2019
Southblock, Glasgow
After long deliberations and tough choices the exhibition involved twenty artists, with the opening night being an absolute success. Having no personal knowledge about most of the applicants, we were beyond excited to see the variety of people that met in one room that day. Even though, it was through their works that we aimed to show diverse meanings of a social construct, we were reassured of the need to, most of all, create spaces for conversation. This may be through experiencing art, or by taking another sip while listening to the person across the coffee table.​​​​​​​
Ella Mackenzie, Sasha Ballon, Justyna Miśkowiec, Molly Hankinson, Allyson Keehan, Marjian Tsatsaros Tyagi, Erin Paton Smit, Maria Grazia Granati, Olivia Juett, Neha Apsara, Debora Maité Bottino, Rosa Hackett, Anita Owsianna 
Cat Mc Clay, Éiméar Mc Clay, Maya Sundsten, Alexandra Beteeva, Daisy McManaman, Darae Baek
Rosa Farber
Our collective is experienced in bringing aspirations into reality from both the curatorial, financial and conceptual side. We tend to focus on initiatives that explore social issues and promote equality and inclusion within our culture and we give priority to such proposals. However, we are always looking forward to hearing any ideas or opportunities you might have in mind!

You can find us on social media or contact directly through email.
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